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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Ridgeline Natural Sales 

a reputation built on trust, integrity and knowledge

Ridgeline has been involved in the Natural and Specialty Product class of trade and Organic lifestyle with a passion for 15+ years.  Our team has been serving with coverage in Northern California, Southern California and Nevada.  Ridgeline has internal Account Executives who brand manage our vendor base and offer well established and outstanding relationships from store personnel to store managers to corporate buyers as well as distributors.

Our team has the ability to help grow your business and will represent in ALL departments: Grocery, Dairy, Frozen, Supplements, Wellness, Health and Beauty


Dan Shubin

Owner/ Account Manager / Sales

Ridgeline has been involved with the natural products industry for over 15+ years and involved with the brokerage business for over 25 years!  Dan enjoys a healthy lifestyle that defines our industry.  Dan's hobbies include golf, running, snowboarding and travel.

Jeannie Wolk

Account Manager / Administrative Manager /Sales

She has been with Ridgeline since DAY ONE! and has worked with many brands through the years and seeing their success at retail brings a smile to her face.  She looks forward every day to see my store buyers and work with them to build sales that benefits them and my vendors.  She takes pride that she can always look outside the box- and always maintaining in the work and personal life -to treat people the way you want to be treated.

Donna Moore

Sales Representative

Donna started working with the Team in 2000!  Donna covers the beautiful San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara are as well as the South Bay and Pasadena and Las Vegas.  Donna takes everything to heart and will work extremely hard to make her retailers and manufacturers happy!

Ken Heizman

Sales Representative

Ken just celebrated his 10 year anniversary with the Ridgeline Team.  Ken has an extensive background.  He has worked for UNFI and understands the distributor business as well as has many contacts.  Ken represents our team in the Los Angeles and Valley territory.  Ken has also worked being a buyer at Lassens Health Food chain in Southern California.  His dedication to the health food industry is beyond the call of duty.

Rebecca Harmon

Sales Representative

Rebecca has been in the natural trade for 10+ years in our gorgeous San Diego area.  Her love of the natural lifestyle and trade are a definite reflection in her work.  She is beautiful on the inside and out and takes her representation to a whole new level.

Sylvie Mountanos

Sales Representative

A Bay Area native, born and raised in San Francisco. During her college years she worked in retail sales.  It was always a pleasure helping and problem solving issues with her customers-that's how she began my future career in sales. She has over twenty- five years of sales experience and have won many awards for sales excellence.  She switched over to natural and organic foods working for Ridgeline thirteen years ago and have never looked back.  Sylvie loves representing quality natural and organic brands and working with longtime Buyers and meeting new ones throughout the Bay Area.  

John Schrock

Sales Representative

John began his career in the natural and organic food industry 12 years ago.  After noticing a need for educated and interactive demo services John and his cousin started a business to fill that need.  After several years of making a name for themselves in Northern California as a demo company they had another opportunity that would allow them to make an even great impact in the industry.  That opportunities was working directly with the manufacturers, retailers and distributors to help create a win/win/win for all parties.  Having an Amish background - hard work, honesty and integrity are all way of life.  John believes that these values are what create sustaining and lasting relationships in business and every area of life. John's real passion in the natural and organic industry truly began due to food allergies and family health concerns, discovering the cure in the natural and organic industry.  For fun you'll find John adventuring in the outdoors, spending time with family and friends, leading a weekly mentoring group for young adults and sharing his knowledge and passion in natural and organic foods! 


Our team provides the following services for our vendors:


New Item Placements

Promotional Planning and Implementation

Sales Analysis

Marketing Ideas

Ride -A - Longs

Sales Meetings and Ongoing Training

Store Casestack or Product Pictures

Demo Coordinating

Our team provides the following services for our stores:

Turn Over Orders

Category Management and Schematics

In Store Merchandising

Aisle Trainings

Maintaining Product Shelf Tags and Confirm Shelf Sale Tags

New Store Sets

Store Special Events

Advertising Forms

EDLP Forms

Ridgeline Coverage

Distributors:                                           Southern California Accounts:                          Northern California Accounts:

Kehe Chino/ Stockton                                    Bristol Farms                                                            Mollie Stone's

UNFI Rocklin /Gilroy / Moreno Valley        Gelson's                                                                     Draeger's                           

DPI Ontario                                                       Whole Foods Markets                                            New Leaf Market

Threshold                                                           Jimbo's                                                                       Wild Root's

Select Nutrition                                                Sprouts                                                                       Berkeley Bowl

Lotus Light                                                        Co-op                                                                          Raley's

Gourmet Merchants International               Mother's Markets                                                    Save Mart / Lucky's

Renaissance                                                       Lazy Acres                                                                 Oliver's

Dale Cox                                                            Independents                                                            Elliott's

                                                                             Sprouts                                                                       Co-op's 

                                                                             Albertson's/Vons                                                     Nugget Markets

                                                                                                                                                                  Whole Foods Markets






Call or email us with any questions you may have.

Dan Shubin 714-926-8999 or Dan@Ridgelinesales.com